Teodora Oprișor


Romanian born pianist Teodora Oprișor is currently completing her Master’s Degree at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where she is studying piano accompaniment under the tutelage of prof. Michael Dussek and James Baillieu. In the past she used to be a student at the ‘Franz Liszt’ Music University in Weimar, Germany, where she became very interested in German poetry and was inspired to focus on German song repertoire ever since. She is constantly performing with singers in recitals and concerts all around Europe and was recently awarded the 2nd Prize and the Special Audience Prize at the ‘Suzana Szörenyi International Duo Competition’ in Bucharest, where she performed alongside baritone Michael Rakotoarivony. She also recently took part as an accompanist in BBC Channel 4’s film ‘Becoming a Lied Singer’. Teodora is grateful for the generous support of the Cosmina & Douglas Liversidge Award and the Royal Academy of Music.